Iterative Intentions


Team USA 2024

Our Vision & Mission

We understand that STEM knowledge is essential in tackling the urgent challenges that humanity faces every day, both now and in the future. Our goal is to make STEM education accessible to all children, particularly in our local communities, and to raise awareness about STEM among younger generations. For the past 5 years, we have been hosting and organizing FIRST Robotics Awareness events. (See attached picture of our team captain, Harish Pravin, presenting to over 300 attendees in 2022.)

Our Main Goals

Increase our impact - We aim to enhance our impact in the community by expanding our outreach initiatives and reaching out to new communities. 

Increase our knowledge -We aim to expand our understanding of robotics and STEM to share this knowledge with others, especially younger generations.

Connect with professionals - Connecting with companies and professionals is crucial for expanding our knowledge and influence, so establishing connections with these individuals will help advance our goals.

2023-2024 Season


2022-2023 Season


Highest Scoring Games

2021-2022 Season


Highest Scoring Games

Our community involvement


We mentor many FTC and FLL teams and host summer camps and other events to introduce people to STEM.

Spreading STEM

We help spread STEM by establishing robotics as a school elective and participating in/hosting events to help garner interest in STEM.

Mentor Outreach

We connect to STEM professionals and companies to gain knowledge we can use and pass on to our local STEM community.

Thanks to our Sponsors and Mentors