Youth Summer Camp

We loved teaching these young kids about the wonders of STEM. We taught on many levels, from building Legos in FLL to teaching how to CAD for FTC. Teaching is an amazing experience, and we can't wait will next year! We have been organizing and executing these events annually for the past four years.

FIRST Awareness 2022

We organized the FIRST awareness event. It was attended by hundreds of kids and parents. We introduced the FIRST programs to them and explained to them how to join the first family.

City Fair

In order to reach people outside of our typical STEM-focused community, we hosted a spot at the Lewisville Fair. We set up a booth and showed our robot, allowing the public to walk by to experience robotics.

Elementary STEM Nights

We participated in science nights across our district. We met with many kids, showing them our own robot while promoting FLL and FTC to them.

Freshman Expo

We hosted an FTC Jag Expo to encourage incoming freshman into joining our Tech Club and entering the FIRST family.

FLL Qualifier

We organized FLL Qualifier at FMHS. Our team members were able to support this qualifier, serving as. Judges Assistants and Event Organizers. We learned what it takes to run a large FIRST event.